Journal des sciences de l’islam

Le numéro 1 du Journal of Rotterdam Islamic and Social Sciences vient de paraître.

Au sommaire: The Values and Norms of Islam (Ahmed Akgunduz); Discussions on the Influence of the Judeo/Christian Culture on Hadiths (Ozcan Hidir); The Relationship between The Maqasidic (Higher Purposes of Shari’ah) Approach and Siyar (Foreign Policy of the Islamic State) (Wahabuddin Ra’ees); The Notion of Dhikr in Islamic Mysticism (Jusuf Salih); An Introduction to Nursi’s Approach to the Wisdom of Bodily Resurrection in Islam (Cuneyt M. Simsek); Critical study of the erroneous attribution of the book Shajarat al-Kawn to Ibn ‘Arabi instead of to Ibn Ghanim al-Maqdisi (Younes Alaoui Mdaghri); The relation between recitation styles and the different Qur’an scriptures (New Orientalist Suggestions on the Origins of Islam (Karel Steenbrink); Nervous Shock: Is it Available in The Islamic Law of Tort? (Abdul Basir bin Mohamad).


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