De la diversité religieuse au pluralisme religieux (suite)

Rappel: colloque international « de la diversité religieuse au pluralisme religieux« , Université de Padoue, 15-16 février 2012.

The social and religious panorama of the contemporary world is changing, due to the growing pressure of migration, cultural diversity, and religious diversity in particular. The presence of cultures and traditions different from those historically present in the various nations triggers processes of relating and comparing many aspects of daily social life, from politics to education, from economics to healthcare, from legal institutions to media, as well as the relations between generations and genres.

The aim of the conference is to highlight how the factual situation of cultural and religious diversity may lead to individual, social and political choices of organized and recognized pluralism. It is a process that leads to redefine both the individual and collective identities, incessantly moving along the continuum that ranges from exclusion to inclusion.
Such an unprecedented situation requires new tools both at conceptual and methodological level in order to be described and interpreted properly.
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