Bourse de doctorat, diversité de la non religiosité

Trois bourses de recherche doctorale de trois ans sont offertes dans le cadre du programme Emmy Noether Diversity of Non-Religiosity, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Institut für Ethnologie (Social Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy und History), à partir de novembre 2012. Date limite de candidature 31 juillet 2012.

The Doctoral Fellows will develop their research projects under the supervision of the Principal Investigator. Their main task will be to complete individual research projects in collaboration with the other participants. They will have an independent budget for research and travel expenses. The Research Group further offers interdisciplinary and international collaborations and comprehensive supervision by the Principal Investigator who is also teaching and conducting research on this topic. 

The Research Group is organized around the assumption that a comprehensive understanding of the role of religion(s) within contemporary societies has to take the “diversity of non-religiosity” into consideration. The aim of the Doctoral Fellowships is to conduct empirical research on non-religious individuals, groups or phenomena –
preferably in different countries. For example topics may include but are not limited to indifference towards religion(s), worldviews alternative to religion(s), or criticism of religion(s) made in relation to atheist, humanist or skepticist thought or identity. The specific object of inquiry, methodology and theoretical approach will depend on the Doctoral Fellows’ training, interest, and research focus. Curiosity about the research topic, intellectual creativity, and an enjoyment of academic collaboration are crucial for the success of the project.

All applicants must hold a master’s degree (M.A.) or an equivalent
qualification in anthropology, religious studies, sociology, or a related

The University is an equal opportunities employer and supports women’s career development. Applications from women are thus explicitly welcome. Disabled applicants will be considered preferentially in case of equivalent qualifications.

Please send the electronic version of your application (including cover letter, Curriculum Vitae, university transcript/degree, two letters of recommendation, and a synopsis of the intended research project of approx. 5000 words) to: by 31.07.2012. Please do not hesitate to contact Johannes Quack for further information concerning the research project and the application process.


Une réaction sur “Bourse de doctorat, diversité de la non religiosité

  1. Parfait! ça m’intéresse.J’ose croire aujourd’hui que la notion de religion devient une réalité sociétale.Le fait religieux, se fait plus prégnant dans les paliers en profondeur de la vie.Je postule.Merci à vous.

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