Musulmans en politique

Un appel à contribution est lancé, suite au colloque Muslims and Political 
Participation in Britain pour compléter le volume des actes à paraître chez Edinburgh University Press.

In addition to the papers presented at the conference there is space for some more contributions so the following is a call for papers for anyone who couldn’t make it to Edinburgh back in April but would still like their paper published in the collection. We seek papers that deal with any aspect of Muslims and political participation in Britain, whether at local, regional or national 
levels. We are particularly interested in contributions which reflect on how 
this participation has changed over recent years and or identify new trends 
for the future, although historical reflections are also welcome. 
In addition to electoral politics and representation, we also seek the submission of papers on other aspects of civil society such as social 
movements, trade unions and NGOs.
Contributions could focus on (but are not limited to) the following issues:
– Selection of Muslim candidates by political parties and attempts by parties to reach out to Muslim voters.
– Election campaigns by Muslim candidates including the role of community organisations, mosques and social networking 
– Voting patterns amongst Muslim communities. Is there a ‘Muslim vote’?
– Muslim elected representatives in office.
– Community politics, bloc voting and biraderi networks
– Participation in policymaking and implementation as well as in local and
national processes of governing
– Contentious politics and campaigning groups e.g. environmentalism, anti-war, global justice movements
– Attitudes to political participation and the political process
– British foreign policy and international conflicts e.g. Kashmir, Israel/Palestine
– Muslim political organisations and umbrella groups both past and present  e.g. the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Parliament, British Muslim 
Forum, British Muslims for Secular Democracy, Sufi Muslim Council, Progressive British Muslims etc.
Please send proposed abstracts of between 200 – 400 words to Dr Timothy Peace
There is no set deadline but those interested are encouraged to send their abstract as soon as possible as we are only seeking a small number of additional chapters in addition to the papers that were presented at the conference. It is expected that the final version of the paper will need to be sent to the editor before the end of 2012 so this should be borne in mind before sending an abstract.
Dr Timothy Peace
Postdoctoral Fellow
The Alwaleed Centre –


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