Apprendre et enseigner la religion

Un appel à panel est ouvert pour la 3ème rencontre SocRel Teaching and Studying Religion, novembre 2013. Date limite de candidature 30 mars 2013.

The 3rd annual Socrel Teaching and Studying Religion symposium, generously supported by the Higher Education Academy, is scheduled for November/December 2013 and any Socrel members interested in organising it are invited to submit proposals by March 30 2013. The purpose of the day is to explore issues in Teaching and Studying Religion, focused on a specific theme. In 2011 the theme was ‘Choices and Challenges’; last year it was Religion and Citizenship: Re-Thinking the Boundaries of Religion and the Secular.
Held at the BSA meeting room at Imperial Wharf, London, the day attracts 25-35 participants and should be designed to be highly participative and engaged.
Participants are students, teachers, and researchers in the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, geography, theology, history, psychology, political science, religious studies and others where religion is taught and studied. Empirical, methodological, and theoretical papers are welcomed.

Organisers are expected to:
· Propose a theme and design for Committee approval.
· Liaise closely with the BSA Events in Durham who manage room booking and registrations.
· Issue Call for Papers
· Select and brief presenters
· Create and distribute programme to participants
· Arrange room entry Events team
· Set up and clear room
· Organise delivery of refreshments and lunch
· Report to the Committee on budget and profit/loss
· Write a short summary for the Socrel website
Direct travel expenses will be reimbursed.
Please submit proposals to Socrel Chair, Dr Abby Day by March 30 2013.


2 réactions sur “Apprendre et enseigner la religion

  1. Bonjour,

    J’aimerai quelques précisions, s’agit-il d’aborder l’enseignement religieux en tant qu’objet d’étude ou bien s’agit-il plutôt de l’enseignement en sciences sociales des religions ?
    Car pour ma part, je m’intéresse et étudie les enseignements religieux de manière empirique et je ne sais pas si c’est de cela dont il s’agit.

    Bien à vous,

    Et un grand merci pour ce site qui est fort utile !

  2. Il s’agit d’un appel à panel, ce qui vous laisse une assez grande marge de manoeuvre, dans le cadre de l’idée générale qui est « issues in Teaching and Studying Religion ».

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