Trajectoires de conversion à l’islam

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un panel “Trading Norms, Inheriting Narratives: Trajectories of Conversion to Islam among North Europeans” au colloque annuel de European Association for the Study of Religions, Liverpool Hope University, 3-6 septembre 2013. Date limite de candidature 1er mai 2013.

Conversions among Europeans to other faiths than Christianity have been picking up pace across the continent, including Northern Europe. This is especially the case with Islam, to which hundreds if not thousands of North Europeans convert annually. Religious conversion leads by default to mutation, both in psychological and physical perspectives: as neophytes very often become devout believers in their acquired faith they as a rule undergo profound identity transformation during and after which they reevaluate not only their belonging to and in their primordial nation and homeland (with its, arguably Christian, culture) but also reassess the dominant local socio-legal discourses (e.g. national legal norms and cultural narratives). In the end, new acquired (and potentially hybrid) personalized norms and narratives are born. The panel would be devoted to analysis of these changes occurring in Europeans after their conversion to Islamic faith.

Norms and Narratives in the Nordic Nations (NoNa) Network Egdūnas Račius, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania (contact person, Niels Valdemar Vinding, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Confirmed paper presenters may receive partial funding for travel and/or participation.

“Norms and Narratives in the Nordic Nations” is a NordForsk funded collaborative research network with partners from six Nordic and Baltic countries. We like to think of it as an innovative research laboratory for humanities, law and social sciences.


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