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Revue Esprit, mai 2013, « De quoi se moque-t-on? »


Religion et société

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un collectif en trois volumes sur Religion and Societies: To understand, experience and transform.

Each essay (7,000-10,000 words) provides the reader with a thorough, detailed overview of the topic. If you are interested in contributing a chapter to one of these volumes, please send a provisional title, brief abstract (150 words) and biographical sketch (6 lines maximum) to the corresponding editor before 15 July 2013.
Volume 1: Religiosity Confronts Misfortune and Suffering
Editor: Dr. Liam D. Murphy /
This volume will include essays, based on ethnographic fieldwork, dealing with religion and other cosmologies as power-laden symbolic systems that ask questions related to and propose solutions to misfortune, suffering, and “the problem of evil”. Beyond this approach the volume seeks to identify religiosity and cosmological meaning in cultural formations as different as anime (Japanese animated production) and heavy metal music, American football and Alcoholics Anonymous. Doing so, this volume expands the meaning of “religion” as a category of knowledge, practice, belonging, and experience to encompass institutions and perspectives that have not conventionally been understood as “religious,” narrowly construed.
Vol. 2 Religion experienced through rituals and pilgrimage Editor : Dr.
Anastasia Panagakos /
This volume will focus on rituals and the settings (sacred places and spaces) in which they are enacted are in a sense the public face of religion, the means whereby humans define themselves as members of faith communities. Essays in this volume will focus on ritual experiences across a variety of religious practices and settings, including pilgrimage sites.
Essays will exemplify a range of approaches to rites of passage such as puberty, wedding, or death rituals; the political implications of ritual and place making; the ritual connection between mind and body; individual agency and ritual experience; and the performativity of ritual in so-called secularized societies.
Vol. 3 Religion transforming societies
Editor: Dr. Jean-Guy A. Goulet /
This volume brings together essays that analyze the interplay between religious traditions and political life at both intra-national and international levels, as for instance in the Protestant and Catholic traditions in Northern Ireland, the rise of Falun Gong within China and beyond, or in the revival of indigenous activities within and across nation-states worldwide. In this vein, some essays will focus on the religious identities of migrants within societies that become more and more religiously pluralistic, inviting antagonistic responses from those who fear that their national identity is being undermined and/or bringing into light the tension between religions and secular / modern

Publications – mai 2013

Il y en a pas mal ces temps-ci, je n’attends pas plus pour signaler, parmi ce que j’ai vu passer, ceux qui intéressée:

– Ash Amin, Land of Strangers, Polity books, 2013.

Contesting Secularism

– Anders Berg-Sørensen (dir.), Contesting Secularism. Comparative Perspectives, Asgate, 2013 (Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series).

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– La laïcité française, BLF / CNEF, 2013.

Christianismes contemporains

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour les chapitres d’un ouvrage sur le christianisme contemporain: The Brill Handbook of Global Christianity and Christianity: Movements, Institutions & Allegiance (dir. Carole Cusack, James R. Lewis): chapitres sur « Global Evangelical Politics » et chapitres sur les ordres religieux; les dynamiques des congrégations; les adventistes du 7ème jour (Eglise de J.-C. des Saints du dernier jour) (entre 7000 et 8000 mots).

Envoyer titre du chapitre, résumé (maximum 350 mots) et biographie (maximum 250 mots) avant le 31 juillet 2013 à Dr. Stephen Hunt,

Publications – avril 2013 suite

– Lionel Obadia, La marchandisation de Dieu. L’économie religieuse. Paris, CNRS Edition, 2013 (Philosophie et histoire des idées).

– Tuomas Martikainen, Religion, Migration, Settlement. Reflections on Post-1990 Immigration to Finland, Leiden, Brill, 2013.

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