Diversité de l’islam aujourd’hui

Departement of Religious Studies, anderbilt University ouvre un appel à contribution pour un projet de recherche Being Muslim: How Local Islam Overturns Narratives of Exceptionalism. Le premier appel concerne un atelier qui aura lieu les 26-29 septembre 2013 (date limite de candidature 22 avril 2013): Reconsidering the Non-Muslim Other: Internal and External Religious Differentiation” – the historical encounter of Islam with other religious, linguistic, and ethnic traditions up through the early modern period (roughly prior to 1750 ce).

Appel à projets ORA

L’appel à projets de recherche ORA Plus Open Research Area for the social sciences, lancé par le Département « Sciences humaines et sociales » en coopération avec la DFG, ESRC, NWO et la NSF pour l’Allemagne, le Royaume-Uni, les Pays-Bas et les Etats-Unis est ouvert dans le cadre de la programmation 2013 de l’ANR. Date d’ouverture 16 novembre 2012 – date de clôture : 15 février 2013.

Enseigner l’islam dans le supérieur

Le réseau Islamic studies lance un appel à contribution à des enseignants susceptibles de proposer un apport à la thématique aborder l’islam du point de vue des sciences sociales.

The UK Higher Education Academy Islamic Studies Network (ISN) brings together those teaching about Islam from a wide range of disciplines to enhance teaching and learning in UK higher education. As part of this work, we am now attempting to develop an online resource to be accessed by undergraduate and post graduate social science students studying a course or module on Islam. The intention is to provide a range of resources and guidance to students who wish to undertake an original piece of research on issues related to Islam. This may be for a final year project or dissertation. We expect this resource to be valuable to colleagues teaching in this field as well.

As part of this resource, we are looking to invite a number of academic commentators to talk about why it is important to study Islam through the lenses of the social sciences. We would like to provide a resource that inspires students to engage with this area of study. The resource can be used across the HE sector for those staff and students who are interested in Islam from a social science perspective.