Géopolitique religieuse, géopolitique des religions

Le dernier numéro de Area (45-2, juin 2013) comporte une partie thématique Religious geopolitics and the geopolitics of religion.


Foi, espace, jeunes

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un colloque Faith, Space and Youth: Young People Negotiating the Geographies of Spirituality, réseau Children, Youth and Families Research Group de Royal Geographic Society -IBG Annual Conference 2013 – ‘New Geographical Frontiers’ 28-30 août 2013, Londres.

Espace contesté / terrain commun

Un appel à contribution est ouvert pour un colloque de European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies: Contested Spaces/Common Ground, University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain, 11-13  April, 2013. Date limite de candidature 7 janvier 2013.

Space and Place are significant and complex concepts for the meeting of people, cultures, religions, ideologies, politics, sacred and secular, ‘textual territories’, histories and memories, the advantaged and the disadvantaged, the powerful and the weak.  The so-called ‘spatial turn’ in the humanities and social sciences needs to be understood and articulated in terms of the specific interests and concerns of intercultural theology and interreligious studies. This conference seeks to address both the conceptual issues concerning ‘space’ and ‘place’ as well as more contextual issues – especially as they relate to Spain (our hosts for the 2013 conference). Addressing the conference’s broad spatial themes, there will be more specific topics such as:

Interreligious Encounters in the Spanish Context, Contestation and Common Ground, the Spatial Turn in Cultural and Religious Studies, Minorities and Migrants Claiming Space, Negotiating Traditional Spaces, Contested Texts, Critical Gender Perspectives, Constructing Secular and Sacred Space, and ‘Asymmetrical’ Spaces. As with past conferences, there will be opportunity for scholars and postgraduates to present papers on these topics in parallel sessions.  Such papers should last no longer than 20 minutes when read.  It is intended that suitable papers will be published following the conference.

All paper proposals must be considered by the ESITIS Board before being accepted.  Scholars and postgraduates who wish to present papers should email an abstract of no more than 500 words to Dr. David Cheetham, Secretary to the Board, ESITIS:  d.cheetham@bham.ac.uk . (NB. Abstracts longer than 500 words will not be considered). The deadline for abstract submissions is Monday 7th January, 2013.

Espaces multiconfessionnels – suite

Les inscriptions sont maintenant ouvertes pour le colloque Multi-Faith Spaces: Symptoms and Agents of Religious and Social Change, organisé par le programme de recherche du même nom et Manchester Architecture Research Centre, qui aura lieu les 21-22 mars 2012, Manchester, Royaume-Uni (déjà annoncé ici). Le colloque est en entrée libre, mais les organisateurs recommandent de s’inscrire pour des questions de place.

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